Water & Mold Mitigation

Water and mold removal by Trilink Restoration Services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Whether the result of a plumbing problem (water leak, pipe break, sewage backup), fire extinguishment, flood or other natural disaster, water damage must be treated quickly and professionally to mitigate the effects of the disaster.

We will assess the water damage and work with you and your insurance company to expedite a plan of action.

Water & Mold Mitigation Process

To help ensure damage is contained to the original disaster, we will:

  • identify the source of the problem and shut off water to the home;
  • assess the flow of water & inspect surrounding areas for damage;
  • extract standing water so that drying equipment is more efficient;
  • dry carpet and pad in place (without disturbing the structure) or, if necessary, lift carpet to remove damaged pad;
  • remove and dispose carpet if stained or if backing is compromised;
  • inspect wood sub flooring for damage and remove if necessary;
  • evaluate if cabinetry is wet or damaged and determine actions;
  • remove baseboards, label, and set aside to facilitate drying;
  • remove drywall as necessary;
  • remove doors to increase airflow and improve drying;
  • apply anti-microbials to disinfect floor damaged by water;
  • install high velocity air-movers to hasten the drying process; and
  • install high efficiency dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air.