Emergency Services

When fire, smoke, storm, or water damages your property, prompt action is crucial to minimize long-term damage. In addition, most insurance policies require the property owner to take steps to prevent additional damage.

Securing the Property

We work with emergency responders to determine immediate actions to ensure safety, prevent further damage, and protect your property:

  • stabilizing the structure
  • germicide treatment/disinfection
  • mold containment & elimination
  • temporary roof repairs
  • debris removal & clean up
  • tree removal
  • temporary fencing
  • temporary power supply
  • water extraction, drying,
  • professional security service
  • dehumidification;

Property Restoration: Acting Fast

The sooner our trained professionals can begin working, the better our chance of saving your valuable property and minimizing further damage. In addition, we have established working relationships with insurance companies. Let us assist you in submitting your claim.