Construction & Reconstruction

Trilink Restoration in Oklahoma City!

Unlike new construction, restoring a damaged structure requires specialized skills to ensure a safe and efficient process. Our owners and employees have over 50 years of combined local industry experience, which makes TRILINK the most experienced and knowledgable reconstruction company in Oklahoma.

Reconstruction Process

  • scope loss, take photos, draft estimate, and start the permit process;
  • obtain permission from city to demolish interior finishes for walkthrough by inspectors;
  • provide permit requirements, estimates, and architectural drawings to insurance company for approval;
  • demolish interior finishes, drywall, cabinets, doors, trim and flooring;
  • arrange pre-inspection with city, obtain requirements, provide to insurance company;
  •  change insurance and private pay estimate to include enforcements;
  • arrange for trades or private pay (if property owner does not have a provision for code violations);
  • demolish mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC;
  • perform framing, seal pre-existing framing, and treat wood for odor;
  • begin rough plumbing, HVAC, rough electric, and request inspection;
  • install insulation, drywall, paint; hard surface, vinyl, ceramic or wood;
  • cabinets, doors, trim, railings; laminate flooring and carpets;
  • clean property and walk-through with owner to confirm satisfaction.


When a disaster or emergency occurs from fire, smoke, water, or storm – TRILINK is your trusted partner in recovery. With over 50 years experience, we will get you back in business quickly and effectively.

Commercial Restoration & Reconstruction

COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTIONWith certified professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and a
50,000sq. ft. facility, TRILINK has the resources to manage a loss
of any size. TRILINK is also part of a network of professional
restoration and reconstruction companies and will collaborate as
necessary to restore a structure. Our services include:

  • emergency services
  • cleaning & contents management
  • water & mold mitigation
  • design & reconstruction

Professional Cleaning Solutions

In addition to professional cleaning services provided after a loss, we also offer a myriad of stand-alone maintenance solutions. Cleaning specialists will evaluate needs and customize services to meet requirements. Our goal to provide support so that you can focus on providing products or services. We can assist any facility, including:
Commercial Buildings – offices, retail spaces, apartments and rental properties, restaurants, hotels, etc.
Institutional Buildings – medical and healthcare facilities, long-term care facilities, schools, government agencies, day care centers, etc.
Industrial & Manufacturing – construction sites, production facilities,electronics and machinery, etc.