Commercial ERM

At TRILINK we strive to be your trusted emergency mitigation restoration partner in Oklahoma “Your only true local contractor”.

Apart from our unique and detailed services, we endeavor to earn our customers trust through our work with and hands on involvement to critical data collection services for our TRILINK customized software, prior to any emergency. Thus saving time, money and minimum disruption to your business, because we are ready.

  • Cost Containment
  • Shorter Downtime
  • Reduced Liability
  • Priority Response
  • Standardized system

TRILINK with it’s industry leading Emergency Response Management technology provides and creates an innovative solution for remediation and mitigation for property managers and their insurance partners. TRILINK E.R.M solutions records all critical and pertinent data tracks, manages and controls risk these solutions are communicated to all stakeholders VIA a secure cloud-based website.

Cutting edge technology that will enhance TRILINK’s responsiveness to a building emergency event.
Insurance Fact:

· Shorter downtime = Lower claim costs = Lower premium

Your secure online storage in the web cloud lets our ERM program store important documents, information, photos, drawings or blueprints and access and use them from virtually any PC with internet access.

“Experiencing an emergency is inevitable” How you prepare for it is not!

TRILINK introduces an entirely new Emergency Response Managerial Concept (E.R.M.) for commercial, institutional, industrial and heritage buildings that helps building owners and occupants sleep better at night.

Providing solutions for building owners and companies through advanced alternatives with the E.R.M. program. At TRILINK we specialize in “Never Been Possible Before” solutions.

Stay Secure – Stay connected with the TRILINK Emergency Management Tool. Claim Monitoring now at your fingertips.

“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things”
– Henry Miller

At TRILINK we have the best systems, tools, and trained professionals in the state that enable us to operate with the highest levels of accuracy and precision in an open and transparent format. Including state of the art software with the capabilities far beyond services you have received to date, and most importantly to react more quickly, get you back on line quicker and save claim costs during an emergency. In fact, we are the only full restoration company in Oklahoma offering this level of service or experience.

Our Risk and Needs Managers are committed to capturing all important and critical data working hand in hand with your property management and maintenance team.
Benefits to Owners/Property Managers:

  • Single Repository
  • Web (Cloud) based
  • Secure encrypted system
  • Available 24/7
  • Accessible to all stakeholders
  • Information source for all personnel
  • Emergency Event Prepared
  • Provides a coordinated response (transparent)
  • Shortened downtime