Cleaning & Contents Management

Our facility and ultrasonic precision cleaning equipment are unparalleled in Oklahoma, ensuring you the highest level of quality and care for your belongings.

Property owners often assume that contents exposed to smoke have little value, when this is generally false.

Although smoke and chemical residue does attack stain finishes and fabrics, our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and deodorization methods can successfully restore most property.

Cleaning & Contents Management Process

Our technicians start by preserving the fragile items that matter most – heirlooms, photos, artwork, legal documents, licenses, certificates, and electronic media. We will likely need to remove items for specialized cleaning at our facility. Our specialists will:

  • be on site quickly to evaluate damage and develop a plan of action;
  • inventory property, carefully pack in boxes, and deliver to our facility;
  • unpack, professionally clean with ultrasonics, dry and deodorize;
  • invite you to inspect and approve restored items in a private room;
  • repackage items and store in our climate-controlled, secure facility;
  • deliver the restored contents to rooms, unpack, and help with set up.

Electronic Contents Control System

With laptop computers and custom software, we inventory contents on site and provide to adjusters and property owners. Each item is described in detail, photographed, and assigned a number, box number, and room location.

Our system ensures chain of custody and trackability during the process – from pack-outs, to cleaning and storage, to returning items to owner.